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Statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries?

I am looking for statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries. That is, data similar to what is produced : monthly by BLS in the JOLTS in the US. quarterly by Dares in France (quarterly ...
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Is there a good catalogue of time serries available from the Federal government?

I have two closely related questions that I will present here in separate postings. It seems that lately I have spent a great deal of time looking for particular time series that may or may not exist. ...
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data on US college spending

I am writing a research paper on college spending and profit optimization. I need data on US colleges' expenditures, revenues, and the total number of students. Since I am not from the US I am not ...
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data on the quarterly and monthly world economic growth

I would be extremely grateful if you could assist me in acquiring access to dependable and current data regarding global economic growth or GDP growth rates, both at the quarterly and monthly levels. ...
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Looking for a guide to data at daily frequency or higher

I found that one of the most valuable parts of an economics education was learning about the available data and major surveys. The NIPAs and the Integrated Nstional Accounts (which I believe will ...
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