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Questions tagged [debt]

An obligation to pay another party at some point in the future. Examples include national debt, corporate bonds, and household credit.

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What does the Fed do with their profits?

As far as I understand the system the Fed prints money which it then uses to buy bonds. Bonds are basically statements of debt meaning that the Fed receives interest from the parties it has bought the ...
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What benefits do governments receive from not eliminating debt?

Most major economies have substantial government debt; for example among the OECD countries the lowest debt rate is Estonia with around 6% of GDP. Now we may be in a global recession at the moment, ...
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Consequences to lending and value of national currency from a negative interest rate and 140-year mortgages in Sweden

According to an article at Yahoo Finance, the Swedish central bank dropped its zero interest rate to -0.1 percent a couple of days ago (the article is dated to Thursday, February 12th, 2015). Now, ...
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What's the difference between public debt, government debt and national debt?

When it comes to non-private debt, I hear these three terms the most, but I am not sure if they're interchangeable or discernible. Also, are they recorded in the balance of payments? I'm guessing if ...
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A bank approves a loan: where does the money come from?

In the naïve picture of the banking system, banks strike a balance between savings invested in them by savers and the loans requested of them by borrowers. The money loaned to borrowers is the same ...
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WACC: forward looking vs. backward looking

I have learned from the thread "Cost of debt, taxes and WACC" that WACC is forward looking in that it disregards the interest rate on debt already taken by the firm but rather use debt's ...
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Is it possible to pay the internal debt of the country and to cover the budget deficit by increasing taxes?

Say for example the US govt. is putting an extra tax of 10% on the incomes of the people earning more than the average income. To make it easier, only tax the people earning more than 110% of the ...
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Why do lenders dislike early loan repayments?

I've frequently seen references in blogs and articles about how banks and other lending agencies like to refer to people who repay loans on an accelerated schedule as "deadbeats", because they get ...
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Have the Greek bailouts been included in state budgets Eurozone members?

A lot of people (mainly journalists and politicians) say that Eurozone taxpayers pay for the Greek bailouts. On the other hand, a lot of economists say that those money have not been added in the ...
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How much of Greece's public debt is created by its trade deficit?

How much of the Greece trade deficit reflects into it's public debt? Each year, Greece is importing about two times as much as it's exporting. In some years, even three times more. How much of that is ...
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Credit market debt is $200 trillion?

In a recent article by David Stockman he wrote: Credit market debt outstanding has soared from \$85 trillion to \$200 trillion. What is he talking about? What is the itemization of this debt. ...
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What is the justification for it being a problem if loans are not paid back?

As far as I could understand, the loan system applied by banks which is based on a fractional reserve system works as follows: Assumptions: The bank has initially 1000$. The fractional reserve is ...
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Banks are allowed to print money out of thin air. Black magic or what? [duplicate]

Today it is wide spread notion that the commercial banks cat create a money out of thin air. Simply by typing numbers on computer. Every time a bank gives a load to a borrower, the loan money do not ...
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If banks create money by lending it out, how are they taking any risk?

When I lend money to someone and they don't pay it back, I lose my money. I can only lend out money that I own (or borrow). I understand that when a bank lends money, that money is created the ...
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Who owns German debt?

I know that Germany has huge external debt. I don't know how to find out which entities own this and especially which country they belong to.
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Does a private company that is 100% financed by a bank loan have a WACC equal to the interest rate?

When estimating a company's Cost of Debt for a Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) calculation we normally look into its bond yield. But for a private company with 100% debt capital structure, ...
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Cost of debt: How to adjust YTM for the possibility of bankruptcy?

When calculating the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), it may be tempting to use the debt yield (yield to maturity, YTM) as the cost of debt. However, Berk & DeMarzo note in Chapter 12 of &...
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Biggest foreign owners of China debt?

It is already known that China and Japan are the biggest owners of US debt - about one trillion dollars each. But who are the biggest owners of China debt? I mean the foreign owners.
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How can we get negative **real** interest rate?

According to Fisher's equation, Real interest rate=Nominal interest rate - expected inflation rate So, how can we get negative real interest rate? I'm in doubts. On one hand, purely from algebraic ...
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Does China issue treasury bonds too?

The USA is issuing a lot of treasury bonds and investors are buying it. But does China issue such bonds too? If yes, then how many such bonds did they issued and who are the largest owners of those ...
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