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How do economists compute new hires by demographic group?

For the U.S., is there any known way to compute say, annual, new hires (not the hiring rate) by demographic group, e.g. men, women, aged 50 and over, etc? What data sources are used for this?
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Should I do Chi-square or T-test before running a regression?

In many articles before running a regression authors do T-test or Chi-square test to check if there’s a significant difference between the variables in 2 subsamples. In my case variable of interest - ...
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Why does the variable become insignificant after adding mediators?

I study an impact of long working hours on health. I run ordered logit on women subsample and the dummy variable responsible for working more than 40 hours becomes insignificant after adding mediators:...
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Is there a standard density-dependent calculation method for demographic extrapolations?

In trying to come up with a method of evaluating the damage from pollution, I did not see a "demography" site or "population dynamics" site so I am not sure where else to ask this. ...
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Why is the U.S. birth rate considered below replacement if more people are being born than are dying annually?

In 2018 there were 3.85 million births and 2.81 million deaths. My understanding is that the U.S. birth rate is near or below replacement rate, but I don't understand why. If more people are being ...