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Representing a Lexicographic Preference in a Natural X Natural Choice Space With Utility Function

my current thinking is i have to dis/prove two things cardinality continuity but im not sure about how it would apply since the above is a natural X natural choice space I know cardinality of ...
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Trouble Understanding the Integral Underlying Random Utility Models

Given a utility function, $U_{nj} = V_{nj} + \varepsilon_{nj}$, it makes sense that we can find the probability the decision maker $n$ chooses alternative $i$ as: $$Pr(U_{ni} > U_{nj} \forall j \...
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If a rational preference relation over simple lotteries $\succsim$ are convex then they satisfy independence?

Let´s say there is an uncertain situation with $N$ possible consequences $C = \{C_1, . . . C_N\}$. Assume that there is a rational preference relation $\succsim$ over simple lotteries. I know that if ...
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Can data from discrete choice experiments be used to predict models be used to predict willingnes to pay by specific individuals?

I am not an econometrician, but noticed that discrete choice experiments are often used to determine willingness to pay for products with specific characteristics and prices. However, these average ...
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What is the difference between the discrete choice method and the generalised cost method in transport planning?

I have been using the generalised cost method in an agent based model. The generalised cost method enables each individual agent to make a decision on what mode of transport it will take given a range ...
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Python package for discrete preferences

Do you know of a package allowing to create objects representing agents with (strict) preferences over (a finite set of) discrete objects $A,B,C,…$, and profiles thereof. A minimal requirement would ...