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Dutch disease is the apparent relationship between the increase in the economic development of natural resources and a decline in the manufacturing sector (or agriculture).

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Papers on Dutch Disease

I am looking for papers on Dutch disease. Especially interested in Venezuela, UK, Colombia, Norway. Thank you in advance.
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Are many of the traditionally oil dependent Gulf states really successfully diversifying their economies?

I've often heard the claim that many Persian Gulf states are successfully diversifying their economies away from oil (e.g. non-oil share of UAE's GDP is 71% and in Saudi Arabia, non-petroleum sectors ...
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Why does the Dutch disease cause the value of the currency to increase?

I was just reading about the Dutch Disease and it causes that the value of a country's currency increases when said country suddenly finds natural sources of oil. Why is that?
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Australia and Saudi Arabia - Structural Similarities

I refer specifically to this article in which Andrew Critchlow paints a pretty dire view of the Australian economy. The line which challenged my priors was: ...
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