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Stability vs profit maximisation

I have a very general question to ask - if I am getting multiple equilibrium and I have to check which one will be picked ie. which Solution is stable, can I check it by comparing whichever produces ...
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How to model discontinuities in sovereign debt interest rates?

For some emerging economies, the interest rates on sovereign debt are sometimes highly volatile: undergoing periods of stability then sharp upward/downward jumps. In continuous-time models, however, ...
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Textbook for dynamic commodity market modelling in continuous time

I am seeking textbook recommendations for dynamic commodity market modelling in economics (including or excluding finance). It should focus on continuous models rather than discrete ones, thus based ...
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Comparative Dynamics for system of linear ODEs in normal form in matrix form

I have seen the use of comparative dynamics for systems of linear ODEs (for example, Wymer, 1976) in scalar form, usually in 2 dimensions. But I have not managed to find any worked example for a model ...
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Stata command for Dynamic Panel Production Function estimation

Consider a production function to be estimated, $$(*) y_{it} = \beta_0 +\beta_k k_{it} +\beta_l l_{it} + a_i +\omega_{it} +\varepsilon_{it}$$ where $\omega_{it}=\rho\omega_{i,t-1}+\xi_{it}$. The ...
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McKelvey-Schofield Chaos Theorem Without Agenda Setter

The McKelvey-Schofield Chaos Theorem states that in a multidimensional preference space, it is almost always possible to reverse engineer the implementation of your desired policy by constructing an ...
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