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Questions tagged [economic-measurement]

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Transportation models in economics

How would one go about modelling the effectiveness of public transportation? More specifically how does one go about comparing two transit systems in terms of their ability to move a larger numbers of ...
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Value of a forecast

I am looking for quantitative measures for the value of a forecast. A forecast is more valuable to me if it tells me things that are not already implied by the conventional knowledge todate, and the ...
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Measuring demand for banking services - (Maximum) Market Size

I am in need of a variable measuring "demand for banking services" in general, on a country level. Specifically the (maximum) size of the market for banking services for a given country. This will be ...
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Is there a change over the business cycle in how much of economic activity is market-based?

Out of the total production in an economy, a big part is market-based, as when you make something and sell it. But a big part is not, as when you make something and don't sell it, but exchange it or ...
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Calculate Gross Private Product from standard metrics

Is it possible to calculate GPP given commonly available data like GDP and government expenditure? The example in this Wikipedia article seems to suggest those two alone are enough. Would nominal GDP ...
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