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Economics of Education is the branch of microeconomics that studies production, consumption, externalities of education, as its market peculiarities and non-market effects.

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Why aren't there more super-stars in educational content delivery?

The super-star phenomena seems to happen in any field where the marginal cost of distribution is very low. I think teaching could be that way just as much as acting or playing basketball - at least as ...
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Estimates of magnitude of externalities generated by education?

It is standard to claim that education generates positive externalities. For example, Mankiw (2017, Principles of Economics, p. 193): education also yields positive externalities. One externality ...
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History of Education Economics

I am looking for an historical overview about education economics covering especially the 20th century, e.g. the randomized experiments beginning in the 1960s or the early as well as recent attempts ...
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Analzying K-12 Education: Cost vs. Expenditure?

I have heard constant complaints, particularly from teachers, that (United States) schools are underfunded, and that budget cuts only stand to exacerbate this problem. My own high school couldn't ...
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Economics of Education

I would like to ask two questions. What are decent schools to study Economics of Education for a PhD? My second question is if there is anybody who could recommend me a good book or research papers ...
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Measures on the composition of the unemployed by educational attainment in the US

I am trying to find statistics on the profile of unemployed individuals in the U.S. categorized by educational attainment. I have found statistics on the unemployment rate for each education group (e....
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How to estimate the impact of college lockdown on students performance?

Some researchers have answered the question in their papers, but I was wondering how one would proceed to estimate the impact of college lockdown on undergrad 1st year students performance, if we ...
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Is expensive private school a rational investment?

In Australia, successive conservative Federal governments have increased the share of public funding for non-government schools, and for the top schools the amounts of annual funding are many millions ...
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Reference recommendation on the causal relationship between family size and children's educational attainment, or the quantity-quality trade-off

I am currently reading both Poor Economics and Factfulness, and two seemingly contradictory statements jump out at me. From Factfulness, and I am kind of taking this statement out of context, but it ...
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data on US college spending

I am writing a research paper on college spending and profit optimization. I need data on US colleges' expenditures, revenues, and the total number of students. Since I am not from the US I am not ...
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analyzing municipality school district finances

I live in a township which has relatively low property taxes but higher property values. The school districts are in the upper quartile with respect to standardized scores. There is no high school. ...
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