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Effectiveness of recycling (consumer PET) plastic

Is recycling plastic, all things considered, efficient as compared to disposing of them and making new plastic? I'm looking in efficiency rates in free market environment and also full process of ...
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Can econometrics test for correlation or causality between prices and corruption?

This week there was news that some prices are rising. I heard that in some countries where corruption is high the prices are also higher. I wonder if there is causaility or just both at same. It would ...
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4 votes
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Marginal buyer/seller as determinant of price

In competitive markets without frictions, the marginal buyer/seller determine the price. To what extent is this argument true in markets where a fraction of the sellers are constrained? Think about ...
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First Order Condition for Profit Maximization in Gambling Industry

I am working on a model of optimal payout percentages in the gambling industry. Because the nominal price of a \$1 ticket is always \$1, we use an effective price strategy where Q = \$1 in won ...
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