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How does one derive the elasticity of substitution with implicit functions?

I would like to derive the elasticity of substitution. I'm aware that such a thread with a very straightforward explanation already exists, but my case is slightly different and I'm not sure how to ...
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Elasticity of substitution by regression: Biased results (simulation)

I have the following simulation problem: Consumers, whose utility I know, go shopping for two goods. However, prices differ each time they visit a shop. Therefore, these consumers always purchase ...
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How to compute elasticity of substituion in general?

We know that the elasticity of substitution is defined as $$ e=\frac{d \ln(x_2/x_1)}{d \ln(MRS_{12})}=\frac{\frac{d(x_2/x_1)}{x_2/x_1}}{\frac{d(MU_1/MU_2)}{MU_1/MU_2}} $$ When we compute ES for CES ...
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Relation between complements and substitutes (for multiple goods)

I am a little bit curious about the following problem: If we have multiple goods (at least 3 or more)... And we know that $x_1$ and $x_2$ are substitutes and $x_1$ and $x_3$ are also substitutes, does ...
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