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The application of economics to issues in the natural environment; especially concerning climate change.

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Is the use/consumption of natural resources considered an externality per se?

On a finite planet natural resources are rival goods by definition, i.e. if one agent uses/consumes a natural resource it becomes unavailable for other agents. Mankiw defines an externality as "the ...
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Limits to Growth: Is environmental collapse by 2030 a likely scenerio?

According to a simulation from 1972, the results of which were published in 'The Limits to Growth' environmental collapse is due mid 21st century. The Guardian reports that Dr. Graham Turner reran the ...
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Is the international economic system too chaotic to "work towards" carbon emission reduction

I often get frustrated when I read calls to action on climate change. It goes something like this: "Solutions are within reach - but we must act now!" If one assumes that the international ...
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What would the consequences of an economy-wide 500EUR/tonne carbon tax be?

I recently calculated that Finnish car owners effectively pay 500 EUR per every tonne of carbon dioxide emitted from the tailpipe of a car. This payment is caused by three taxes that are in practice ...
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