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What exactly is the risk Italy's high debt to GDP ratio poses to Eurozone and EU? [closed]

Background Us laymen read all around that Italy's weak economy and its high government debt/high debt to GDP ratio is threatening the financial stability and health of Eurozone and EU. However, little ...
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When is the upward economic convergence in the EU estimated to happen?

Although the regional cohesion, i. e. the socio-economical convergence of the East and the West has been one of the EU's main goals, some economists seem to dispute there's any evidence for them being ...
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Positive effects of a Tunisia-EU free trade agreement?

Tunisia might be signing a free trade agreement with the EU very soon. It's called ALECA or DCFTA. Many activists and labor unions are opposing such an agreement because it would result in losing ...
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Why is the ten year interest rate lower for Spain/UK bonds than for US?

Take a look at the government bonds interest rates, For the US is 2.9, and for Spain and UK are 1.5 and 1.1 respectively. Spain is an economy with high unemployment, a ...
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Why there are no famous software/IT companies in Europe? (unlike USA)

Both USA and Europe have highly developed economies with famous car, aircraft, food, oil etc. companies. However, when it comes to IT - USA has Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Red ...
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How much would the EU budget reduce by after Brexit?

Would it reduce the budget of some €133bn by the gross amount after the rebate but before any spending from the EU into the UK (€17bn, about 12.5% according to Table 6, Page 11 of the 2017 draft ...
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Why does the European Union give subsidies to farmers?

According to neoclassical economics, subsidies are a solution to correct for the existence of externalities in consumption or production. What is the economic rationale/justification for such ...
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How can median wages be significantly different in two neighboring countries with open borders?

As an example, take Germany and Czech Republic. Both are members of the EU and therefore trade barriers between the two countries are minimal. However the median salary in Germany is nearly 3 times as ...
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