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Financial wellbeing overall components and datasets

I am currently doing a project on financial wellbeing, but on the level of entire countries. I am aware of studies and data pertaining to financial inclusion, as often studied in Development Economics,...
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Does IMF consider the international reputation of a country?

Hi I have three question below which I tried searching on internet and read a lot of literature as well. Besides all the literature sources I need to know some practical knowledge of people out there. ...
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financial crisis '08: what is it meant by the banks were saved by the states?

Were banks literally saved with tax payers' money? Or is it that states borrowed the banks, consequently, the banks must return this money back at some point? Can someone please give me some ...
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How do I construct an analysis on the following question in applied financial econometrics?

I want to know how to make a thorough analysis by comparing the following regression outputs. The regressions are estimated using the Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) with the second one testing for ...
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Constructing Valuation As a Function of Condition

Suppose there is an item that deteriorates with use, its condition expressed as a number between $0$ (completely broken condition) and $1$ (perfect condition), for which I want to assign a monetary ...
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Presenting the OLS regression results in table

everyone. Can anyone help me to present the OLS regression result in the table? You can make them in one table. I have attached 6 pictures. I would be thankful if you can.
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