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Who determines the exchange rate and how?

I have almost no knowledge about economics. However, a question always comes in my mind. How exchange rate really differ? I live in Bangladesh. So how, why, who changing BDT and US Dollar exchange ...
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Theoretical market capitalisation of a crypto currency?

Here’s the context. I want to know what the theoretical market capitalisation (say eg $US / Bitcoin times Q the number of coins - it doesn’t have to be Bitcoin) of a crypto currency? Assume that the ...
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Why did the Iranian Rial peak suddenly on 1 August 2014?

Search Iranian Rial and click on Max above the chart. Iranian Rial to Pound Sterling: Why did the Iranian Rial peak suddenly on August 1st 2014?
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(How) does Russia benefit if Gazprombank instead of Gazprom gets to keep the euros?

I know there's an older question here, but Russia has recently clarified (after some pushback from the EU capitals) what it means by gas payments in rubles. As RT explained: “Everything will be fast, ...
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Exchange rate and domestic money supply

It seems an obvious fact (not explained by authors but stated) that when a Central Bank purchases foreign currency (to stabilise its own), the domestic money supply goes up. It seems to me that the ...
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How should I adjust data for both inflation and foreign exchange rate?

I’m not sure if this is typically done, but suppose my data point is in 2013 JPY and I want to express in 2016 USD. Do I apply CPI to express data in 2016 JPY, and then apply exchange rate to 2016 USD?...
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