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Questions tagged [friedrich-hayek]

Economics questions related to the Nobel Prize winning Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.

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Who is Hayek referring to in this statement about taxonomy in economics?

In Hayek's essay, 'The Facts of the Social Sciences,' he mentioned "that one of the best-known modern critics of the discipline has described [economics] as a purely taxonomic science." Who ...
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Do Keynesian policies always lead to stagflation mandating austerity?

Did 1970's stagflation completely refute Keynesian economics leading to a permanent shift to Neoliberalism ? Why have all subsequence economic policies been about centering society around markets with ...
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Does a free market economy sustain a greater variety of business models in any given industry?

I have a mere hunch that in a free market economy, a greater variety of business models can be supported or sustained in each industry, when compared to a more centrally planned economy. However, I ...
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