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Could a global tax agreement improve the Gini coefficient for income in all countries?

Does this line of reasoning make sense in terms of economic agents, even if implementation is highly unlikely? The Gini coefficient is an imperfect but reasonable measure of income inequality within ...
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Gini Coefficient

If income of all the individuals in a country doubles, what will happen to the Gini coefficient? What happens to Gini coefficient when income of all the individuals in a country increases by 1000?
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Gini Index Rise: UK 1980s

The Gini Index for the UK showed a considerable rise in the 1980s. Before and after this it has largely plateaued (within the bounds of noise). I am assuming that this was due to policies of Thatcher'...
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Sample size invariance of inequality measures

I am not an expert on inequality, so decided to drop this question. Suppose I analyze inequality of an outcome among different groups with Gini coefficient, I know that the scale of the outcome wouldn'...
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Regression and Kuznets curve

The dependent variable, Gini (C) has the coefficient and probability value of $(38.934, 0.0000)$. The independent variables: GDP,...
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Gini coefficient of output per capita across regions

The Gini coefficient is widely used to measure the concentration of income in a population. Similarly, the Gini coefficient can be used to measure the concentration of economic output or population ...
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Interpolation of Gini Index?

Is there a conventional curve used to interpolate the Lorenz curves that model the distribution for calculating the Gini coefficient? Is it polynomial? But why? Which degree?
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How did the authors of the (Credit Suisse) Global Wealth Databook calculate the Gini coefficient?

how are you doing? I read the Global Wealth Reports from Credit Suisse and I wondered how the authors calculated the Gini coefficient. For example, on page 84 of this databook from 2010, how did they ...
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Does Singapore's computation of the Gini coefficient exclude low-paid foreign workers?

The Economist (2015-07-16): But Singapore measures its coefficient rather differently, excluding shorter-term foreign workers and non-working families. More generally, how is Singapore's Gini ...
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