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GNP (Gross National Product)

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Confusion in the relationship between GNDI and GNI

GNDI- Gross National Disposable Income; GNI- Gross National Income We know that GNDI = GNI + Net Current Transfers from ROW(rest of world). What I don't understand is why is there no mention of direct ...
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GDP vs GNI vs GNP confusion

I am having problems getting my head around this. Some sources say there is a difference between GNI and GNP others just say they are synonyms. Could someone clear this up definitively for me: ...
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Macroeconomics Question - GDP & GNP

If I, a citizen from South Korea, borrow $100000 from a Japanese bank to fund my purchase of a new Mercedes in the US, I'll be contributing to the GDP of US. However, will I be contributing to the GNP ...
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Textbooks claim that the difference between GDP and GNP (or GNI) is about geography vs citizenship--is this correct?

Many textbooks claim that the difference between GDP and GNP is about geography vs citizenship. For example, Colander: GDP is output produced within a country’s borders; GNP is output produced by a ...
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Combine Gini index with GNI/capita (PPP) to produce an indicator which gives the same weight to low percentile incomes as to high percentile incomes

Consider the attached charts, which illustrate that low-inequality Country A can have both a lower average income and higher average log income than high-inequality Country B. This sparked my interest ...
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GDP versus GNP. Which is a better gauge of a country's economy size and prosperity?

Country A's GDP is larger than Country B's GDP. However, Country B's GNP is larger than Country A's GNP. Which country has a stronger economy? Which country's citizens is more likely to enjoy ...
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