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What benefits do governments receive from not eliminating debt?

Most major economies have substantial government debt; for example among the OECD countries the lowest debt rate is Estonia with around 6% of GDP. Now we may be in a global recession at the moment, ...
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What's quantitative easing?

From what I understand after reading mainstream media, quantitative easing increases the supply of money in the economy without direct government spending (fiscal policy). It seems to have all the ...
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How can a country ensure its national currency is used by its citizens?

I am wondering how countries are able to force everyone to use its own currency, instead of some external currency (like the U.S. dollar or Bitcoin or cookies or something else not under government ...
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What is the effect of redirecting government tax intake to a consumer retirement saving incentive?

In New Zealand we have a retirement saving scheme called Kiwisaver. The scheme is opt in. If a consumer opts in, they must save at least 3% of their income, which they can't access until retirement. ...
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