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The Great Depression was a deep worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States.

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Book recommendation about the causes of the great depression

Yesterday's Nobel prize was awarded to three economists focusing on banking, and Ben Bernanke, at least, did, as far as I know, some groundbreaking research on the causes of the great depression. I ...
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If developed countries go through an economic depression, what happens to developing & underdeveloped countries?

With the historical inflation data throughout 2022 from the US & England, also with the hawkish view from the Federal Reserve, Bank of England & other analysts of the possibility of an ...
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Were there any contemporary economists (or other observers) who considered the 1920s a "New Era" of greater growth and stability?

Eichengreen (2015, Hall of Mirrors): In the 1920s it was said that the world had entered a “New Era” of economic stability with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and independent central ...
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