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Identification is the challenge of identifying the targeted channel or mechanism. Mostly, this is about disentangling correlation and causation.

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Critiques of "The impact of legalized abortion on crime."

The paper "The impact of legalized abortion on crime." by John J. Donohue III and Steven D. Levitt (of Freakonomics fame) is a rather famous paper from 2001. It is sometimes still cited in ...
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Can you change monthly monetary shocks into quarterly ones?

There are now many series deriving monetary shocks at high frequency, e.g., Jarocinski-Karadi (AEJ:M, 2020), Bauer-Swanson (NBER MA, 2023). These typically come at a monthly frequency. However my ...
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How to estimate $\gamma$ in the following model?

Suppose I have the following model: $Q=1(x'\beta+e>0)$, $D=1(x'\alpha+\gamma Q+u>0)$ and I want to estimate $\gamma$, the error terms $e,u$ are jointly normal. If $e$ and $u$ are correlated, can ...
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Identification strategy

I am trying to find the relationship between one independent variable with two dependent ones. I was doing some reading, and I can use MANOVA to regress this. However, my original ID strategy was to ...
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SVAR causal interpretation: shock effects vs effects between variables

Consider a structural vector autoregressive (SVAR) model. One way to define a SVAR model is $$ \begin{aligned} B_0 y_t = B_1 y_{t-1} + \cdots + B_p y_{t-p} + \omega_t \quad (1) \ , \end{aligned} $$ ...
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Can a subset of variables in a lower triangular Cholesky identification scheme be ordered arbitrarily if we do not care about their shocks?

For example, in a three-variable SVAR model in Favero, C. A. (2001), the author uses Cholesky decomposition to identify only money shocks by ordering it last. Thus, both $p_t$ and $y_t$ affect $m_t$ ...
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Identification of firm-worker fixed effect wage equation

Consider the traditional AKM model where $$ Y_{it}=X_{it}\beta+\psi_{j(i,t)}+\epsilon_{it} $$ for $i=1,...,N$ (individual index), $t=1,...,T$ (time index), $j=1,...,J$ (firm index), and $j(i,t)$ is ...
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Identifiability of Non-Parametric Utility Function?

I recently learned that EU characterized by independence and weak ordering is identifiable, but a utility function like: $U(x)=v_1(x)v_2(x)$ is not identifiable. Does it mean that "cardinal ...
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Identifying assumption meaning

I am hoping to get a good explanation regarding what is meant by an identifying assumption. In many articles, under empirical strategy, authors state that: we exploit firm level variation to identify ...
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Impactful fixed-effect identification with open data

For a replication project, I am looking for impactful (and ideally somewhat recent) papers that use fixed-effects as their main identification strategy and make their data publicly available. By ...
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Identification strategy for measuring impact of employee turnover on project quality

I am seeking help with identification strategy for figuring out causal direction in the following context: There is a company where project managers (PM) rotate every 3-7 years across the country/...
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Minimum sample size for cross-sectional RDD

I haven't done a regression discontinuity design (RDD) before. I know it requires a large sample size for identification, thus I fear that my sample size is not large enough. The study is cross-...
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Specifying a Diff-In-Diff with multiple treated groups over multiple years

Suppose I have a group of 100 counties. Further suppose that the state decides to allocate a lump sum amount of money to some counties each year to boost spending on education in that county (until, ...
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Economies of scale v.s. technological change

In Greene's Econometric Analysis, 7th edition, page 355, it is written that: A long-standing problem in the analysis of production functions has been the inability to separate economies of scale ...
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Trouble Deriving Indentification Scheme in Gertler-Karadi (2015) AEJ

I'm having trouble following a derivation that Gertler-Karadi (2015) AEJ do in their paper on Footnote 4 on the bottom of page 52. I've tried ...
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What is the link between econometric theory and applied work?

I just don't understand how the theory, particularly pertaining to parameter identification is relevant when conducting applied work. Why must we present a sound identification strategy when carrying ...
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What does it mean to make an identification assumption?

Trying to understand this problem: Suppose you had access to a dataset that follows individuals from adolescence throughout adulthood. Each year, you observe earnings, educational attainment, ...
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What are the empirical techniques to show causation?

A simple linear regression only shows correlation between two variables. To establish causation, two commonly taught methods are IV regression and natural experiments. What are the other methods ...
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IV - Is this procedure valid?

I have three variables: $y$, $x_1$ and $z$. I'm interested in finding the effect of $x_1$ on $y$. Unfortunately $x_1$ is endogenous so I use an instrument z. I know that $z$ is correlated with $x_1$....
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What happens if the "control variables" are also endogenous?

I work in Political Economy, and a lot of the models include "innocent" control variables such as population, inequality, colonial legacy, etc. so that the author can claim unbiasedness on their ...
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Identification with BBL

In the last few years, the estimator proposed by Bajari, Benkard, and Levin ('07) for dynamic games has been gaining popularity. It is relatively straight forward and is one of the only viable options ...
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Differences between LATE and Heckman Selection

I have heard that a paper by Heckman and Vytlacil demonstrate comparisons between nonparametric Heckman selection (NP Heckit) and the LATE (local average treatment effect) framework. Could someone ...
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