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Data about country classifications / groups (advanced, emerging, developing economies)

I am looking for a data about country classifications, I would need three categories: advanced economies; emerging market economies; developing economies. The IMF groups emerging and developing ...
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impact of interest rate and benefits for IMF

We know that when interest rates are high, the economy slows and inflation decreases. when interest rates are low, the economy grows, and inflation increases. Now govt wants low inflation as it has to ...
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Where can I find the cost of commodities in different markets?

Where can I find a database that tracks current and historic prices of different products and services in regions around the world? I'm very sure that some organizations track the cost of common ...
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Is there a global flow of income?

If I understand the circular flow of income correctly, we can visualize money moving around the country in exchange for goods and services. Sources of money are the central bank (MB) and the financial ...
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Could the IMF hypothetically end all balance of payments crises?

Ok, so my understanding of balance of payments crises is when a country (who might be doing completely fine otherwise) doesn't have enough foreign currency (typically dollars) to pay back debt. If the ...
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Who decides the conditions on the IMF loans?

On one hand, I've seen a statement where the IMF states that the conditions to a loan is to designed by the government. However, in a paper I've seen that the IMF enforces conditions. Is one of the ...
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