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Seeking Insights on Cross-Country Savings Behavior Analysis: Addressing Income Distribution and Purchasing Power Parity Challenges

I possess data from various countries, including a diverse mix such as the USA, Slovenia, and Chile, covering a wide range of GDP per capita levels. This data encompasses individual and household ...
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Could a global tax agreement improve the Gini coefficient for income in all countries?

Does this line of reasoning make sense in terms of economic agents, even if implementation is highly unlikely? The Gini coefficient is an imperfect but reasonable measure of income inequality within ...
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Why do shareholders allow CEOs and other executives to have extraordinarily high salaries compared to regular managers and non-managerial employees?

The wage gap between CEOs and employees varies from country to country. A 2021 article from CNBC discussed how CEOs in the US on average earned 351 times more than the average US employee. The ...
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How can I test whether factors of production are actually paid their marginal revenue product, or more or less?

How would I go about testing econometrically whether each factor of production is actually paid its marginal revenue product in an industry over time, or is paid more or less than that amount? Please ...
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