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Why does S&P 500 have a P/E Multiple of ca. 25 while other indexes (for ex. DAX) around 16?

I was thinking about a topic for my bachelor´s thesis and came across an interesting thing: P/E and other multiples of S&P500 were higher than those of other markets. Is there any research on this ...
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How do I derive a SWF from mean income and an inequality index?

If one makes welfarist assumptions about the general good, and further assumes that SWFs can be fully characterized by the mean income and an inequality index, then it is possible to recover the ...
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How will market self-correct so that passive investing never becomes 100 %?

The premise of the paper titled The Arithmetic of Active Management by Sharpe is that active managers as a group have to necessarily underperform passive managers as a group because passive investors ...
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Creating an Index from Principal Component Analysis

I have 5 dummy variables, and I want to combine them into one single dummy variable. Is PCA a valid option? If not, what else can I do? If I am doing PCA, What issues can I face in the analysis? PS: I ...
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