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Are democracies more economically productive than autocracies?

The book The Dictator's Handbook claims in several places that democracies are more productive than autocracies. It's central to their argument of lower taxation rate in democracies giving more wealth ...
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Why some countries are wealthier than others?

Twin-peak of economic growth is one of the concepts discussed in economics. Most of explanations for poverty traps are baseed on the lack of infrastructures and public goods. How could be another main ...
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Literature recommendation on organised crime

I am trying to write a term paper on organized crime analyzing European countries. I would appreciate it if anyone would suggest good literature on violent crime, good governance (gov't integrity, the ...
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Papers on measuring institutions

I'm new to this subject, and I'm looking for papers on measuring the 'quality' of institutions and their possible role in the development of a country. ANy help would be appreciated.
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Net product marginal in Acemoglu's article "Modeling inefficient institutions"

I'm reading lecture notes by Acemoglu regarding institutions and I'm trying to study his famous model of non-democratic institutions, deeply described in his article "Modeling inefficient ...
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How long into the past can we trace the effect of institutions?

In one of my courses we recently went through several institutional economic papers (The colonial origins of comparative development, The Slave Trade and the Origins of Mistrust in Africa, The Long-...
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How would you explain systemic flaws of communism?

I recently encountered a discussion where a portion of participants presented anti-capitalist and pro-communist views. As someone who grew up in a communist country, I tried to explain the systemic ...
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Did Elinor Ostrom (or others) resolve the tragedy of the commons for common-pool resources?

Ostrom (2015: 19) writes: Individuals or households who have rights to withdraw resource units from the CPR must be clearly defined, as must the boundaries of the CPR itself. Following her ...
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Contract theory: Incentive contracts (when agents have multiple tasks) models by G. Baker and Holmstrom & Milgrom

So my question is the following: In both Baker's (2002) and H & M (1991) models we have a problem that a principal is trying to design a stimulating contract in such way that the agent will ...
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Does IMF consider the international reputation of a country?

Hi I have three question below which I tried searching on internet and read a lot of literature as well. Besides all the literature sources I need to know some practical knowledge of people out there. ...
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A few questions in paper Chong 2007 [closed]

I think it is hard to derive Eq(5) in paper Chong (2007). ( Could anyone share any ideas on its derivations or intuitions behind it? Let's discuss it in more ...
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Are businesses included in economic institutions?

1st definition from Network of commercial organizations (such as manufacturers, producers, wholesalers, retailers, and buyers) who generate, distribute, and purchase goods and ...
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How do different groups of hunter-gatherers decide which group gets to use which land and resources?

I have seen literature about how hunter-gatherer groups allocate common resources within groups. But I wonder how "common" resources are allocated between groups, i.e. which group gets to ...
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Getting a Paper Published

I have a nice and (I think) significant result. I would like to publish it, but I have no idea how. It's a proof of an optimal institutional structure. Who do I contact?
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Have the stocks and flows of hunter-gatherer economies been formally analysed?

A lot of work in economic anthropology seems to be about allocation mechanisms. This feeds into economic discourses about the institutions governing markets and non-market alternatives, e.g. Douglas ...
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Will economic discrepancy between democratic and authoritarian states decrease over time? [closed]

The most popular explanation for the economic discrepancy between different states is that in the authoritarian states the leaders need corrupt extractive institution to preserve their power. However, ...
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