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Why do states regulate home insurance rates?

With increasing damages and volatility, home insurance companies increasingly withdraw from entire states, including former low-risk states like Iowa. I was puzzled by this at first: The normal ...
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Are all services provided by the financial sector of same utility in the end and reasonable priced?

I've just found a random single statement about the overall money going into financial services: With global GDP expected to reach $93 trillion in the same year, that would mean that financial ...
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Is home insurance priced backwards?

I just saw a rate table for retail home insurance that appears to offer incentives opposite to what insurance should in theory. Am I missing something in the following analysis? For the same ...
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In bond markets, how does the number of banks in an underwriter syndicate grow as they share risk on larger deals?

If I look at a large collection of underwriter syndicates (underwriting green bond issuances), I can see there is, on the whole, a quadratic relationship between the value $v$ in USD that the ...
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Short-selling domestic currency to hedge against inflation

A person lives in a country with a high risk of inflation. She just started working, so she has little savings. Her goal is to ensure that her future income does not lose value because of inflation. ...
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Why Don't We Insure Against Recessions

I'm not an economics student or anything like that, but I've had a question on my mind for a while now. Why don't insurance companies insure against recessions. Like if the economy were to downturn, ...
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Who insures the FDIC in case it fails?

I understand that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) failing is unlikely, but the probability of such a failure is still positive. In case the FDIC fails, who covers the customers' ...
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Who insures reinsurers? Is there an "insurer of last resort"?

Assume a massive natural disaster occurred, at a scale such that "front-line" insurance companies (e.g. State Farm) had to turn to their re-insurers (e.g. Swiss Re). What if the re-insurers ...
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