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Choice theory vs decision theory

I always thought that Decision Theory and Choice Theory are the same fields. But when reading the Wikipedia entry for Decision Theory recently, I read the explicit clarification: "not to be ...
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Does this sort of attemted bridging of disciplines equal more than adding parts or is it trivial to a person understanding each discipline? [closed]

Scribbled notes cosinus distributed over tangent tangens plane ...
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Principles of Economic Reasoning: How Are Expected Costs and Benefits Distinct from Ethical and Moral Judgments?

This question relates to principles of economic reasoning in a non-financial context: How are economic principles applied to non-financial models, such as a democratic election? One may reverse the ...
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What is the relationship between the disciplines of Economics and Economic Geography?

Given the importance of natural resources in both Economic Geography and Ecological Economics I also wondered what the relationship was between these two in particular.
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Which economic research articles or books use anthropological methods?

Most of the social sciences and even disciplines have a stable relationship with economics. And rightly so because our world is so interconnected. But there are certain fields which remained separated ...
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Have any chemical reactions been used to simulate CTMC for economic simulations

Assumption and Question Given that many economic models can be viewed as Continuous Time Markov Chains, and that many chemical reactions are also described as such, have any experiments been conducted ...
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6 votes
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How are economic principles applied to non-financial models, such as a democratic election?

Economic agents make decisions in particular models. These models do not need to be related to financial contexts, and economics can be used to describe how agents will act in any other field in which ...
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The relation between the Black-Scholes model and quantum mechanics [closed]

As an active participant on the Physics Stack Exchange I have, on several separate occasions, run into some vague remarks about the 'intimate relation' between the famous Black-Scholes model in ...
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