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What is the net effect of organized crime on the economy of Italy?

In connection to this question are there any empirical estimates of the effect of organized crime on economy of Italy? I am looking for some net effect.
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How is Italy so rich, given its high corruption and crime?

Much of Italy's territory is de facto controlled by organized crime, rather than the State. The corruption of its long time leader, Silvio Berlusconi, was all but record breaking. Given the above one ...
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Wages are lower than 30 years ago in Italy, why?

Recently I've seen some statistics about wage growth in the European Union in the last 30 years and surprisingly, Italy is the only country with a negative value. So, what is the root of this problem? ...
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How much of new debt in Italy is due to COVID?

In 2020, Italy's debt-to-GDP ballooned1 to 158.5%, which is almost a 20% increase from 2019. I wonder how much of that is just COVID and how much regular increase (government debt here was increasing ...
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What would happen to Eurozone and EU if Italy defaults on its debt?

Question What would happen to Eurozone and EU if Italy defaults on its debt? Background & disclaimer This direct question is an attempt to amend the more expanded question. Given that this ...
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What exactly is the risk Italy's high debt to GDP ratio poses to Eurozone and EU? [closed]

Background Us laymen read all around that Italy's weak economy and its high government debt/high debt to GDP ratio is threatening the financial stability and health of Eurozone and EU. However, little ...
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How to estimate Italian parking data starting from German parking data?

I am currently investigating the economic impact of the parking pain in Italy. I have just found out this INRIX Research which is absolutely stunning, but it only focuses on US, UK and Germany market. ...
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