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Can Japan pay off national debt immediately if it wanted to?

Does Japan theoretically have the ability to pay off its national debt immediately? It has $12 Trillion National debt. Its has current account ...
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Japan: Will the quantity of money per unit of output and the consumer price index show a huge divergence in the decades after 1980?

Milton Friedman, in one of his talks in 1980, showed a series of examples to illustrate his statement that inflation was a monetary phenomenon. One of the examples he used was Japan. The following ...
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Shouldn't national Stock Indices proportional to GDP of the country?

I was looking at Japan: Japan's GDP trajectory and Nikkei 225. It seems from 2011 - 2015 the GDP contracted but the Nikkei has gone up. Would there be a good explanation for this ?
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Why is JPY considered a "safe currency"?

When the economic prospect around the world feels getting worse and/or getting higher uncertainty, usually the value of JPY is getting higher, because investors are said to start to buy JPY to shelter ...
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What Level of Government Debt to GDP Ratio is Sustainable?

I was reading that Japan has a debt to gdp ratio of 240pc and I cannot understand why this has not left the country "bankrupt"? From looking at this like an ordinary person this level would be ...
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Are there studies on the impact of the closing of military bases on islands, especially Okinawa

According to a study in the Journal of Defense and Peace Economics on the economic impact of base closures "base adjustments have only a marginal impact on the local community in which the bases are ...
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What are the consequences of deflation in Japan?

Most of the literature I can find about deflation in Japan takes for granted that deflation is bad for the country. I can also find a lot of literature on why deflation is bad in theory. Is there any ...
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Why is GDP growth so important that central banks are trying to impose negative interest rate?

BoJ just announced its negative interest rate policy in an effort to drag Japanese out of a deflationary mindset and hoping to shift the demand curve to boost the economy. However, my question is, if ...
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Economic impacts of a declining population

In the article “Japan’s population problem” in The Japan Time, Hugh Cortazzi write: Japanese leaders and Japanese people generally are well aware of their nation’s demographic challenges. The ...
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