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Statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries?

I am looking for statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries. That is, data similar to what is produced : monthly by BLS in the JOLTS in the US. quarterly by Dares in France (quarterly ...
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Taxation and Labour Supply in the short-term

Can someone help me to explain this graph and who has tax incidence more?? In which, the vertical axis means wage per hour and the horizontal axis means the number of labor hours supplied per year. ...
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Simulation of a dynamic search and matching model

I want to simulate a search and matching model very close to the canonical model developed by Pissarides. I am interested in representing the trajectory of the unemployment rate when the unemployment ...
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If 15 percent of jobs are becoming automated compared to 1993, why are retirement ages rising?

Given that human labour is less necessary with every year that passes, why not tax automation rather than raise the age of retirement?
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What is the best survey or analysis of products or services in demand in an economy at the moment?

Is there a thinktank, survey or publication that is considered a gold standard in analyzing what jobs, skills, services, commodities, or resources are or would be most in demand in a given economy, ...
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What is "the marginal cost of the work performed"?

A section in my (mostly conventional) transport economics (Blauwens, De Baere, Van de Voorde, 2002) handbook discusses the use of transport policy to generate employment (as a second-best solution: ...
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When are labour unions good and when are they bad?

Recently in the UK, transport workers have gone on strike, causing severe disruption as only 1 in 5 rail services are now running. They can only do this as a result of unionisation and laws protecting ...
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