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What are driving factors behind the recent slew of layoffs in the US tech industry (to the extent we understand them)?

Is this phenomenon something that economists think they have an understanding of? As an outsider, I'm very confused. The tech industry seems to be making a lot of money right now. Why is all of this ...
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Spiraling decline in labour supply due to small initial wage decreases

I was asked the following by a student (I work in mathematics/complex systems, my student in econometrics): In econometric studies that measure the elasticity of labor supply and inform policymakers ...
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Statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries?

I am looking for statistics on Hiring and Separations in European countries. That is, data similar to what is produced : monthly by BLS in the JOLTS in the US. quarterly by Dares in France (quarterly ...
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Comparing incomes across regions within a country

When looking at spatial disparities across regions within a country the standard approach that I have seen is to look at differences in incomes across regions. However, this doesn’t control for the ...
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When are labour unions good and when are they bad?

Recently in the UK, transport workers have gone on strike, causing severe disruption as only 1 in 5 rail services are now running. They can only do this as a result of unionisation and laws protecting ...
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