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What creates the difference between countries relative price in living price

For example UK and HK. I want to know why in UK they have relative higher income(10 pound) and higher living price(8 pound for a clean lunch). While HK have relative lower income (5 pound)and lower ...
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Cost of money in historical prose

When reading British prose, e.g. a novel by Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) or P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975), I would like to understand the real cost of money there, which have been changed over time, of ...
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Does the exchange rate between 2 currencies NOT account for the cost of living (COL) in their respective countries? [closed]

Alice and Bob both live in a country that has a very low cost of living (like India). They are entry-level software engineers straight out of college. Alice works remotely for a US company that pays, ...
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How can I find which country offers the best income to expense ratio?

Some countries offer good earning, but some of them also have high taxes and living expenses. How can I find which country offers the best income to expense ratio? Is there any index available?
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Cost of living index

Say you have a cost of living index based on the dollar for each state. Such as this one:
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Comparing cost of living of one state with that of other states [closed]

In the past I read something like this: If basic expenses for family went from 100€ to 200€ but its wage went from 200€ to 400€ it can expend more than before. Weighting the costs of living ...
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Why do you typically have to pay for use of the washing machines while other amenities are free?

I'm looking at apartments and noticed that many offer amenities such as gyms, pools, saunas and hot tubs which are "free" to use by tenants (paid for by the condo fees). However, I noticed that while ...
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How Switzerland has significantly high cost of living as compared to its neighboring countries?

Despite being a small country (area-wise), how Switzerland can sustain a high cost of living? I get the logic that the pay of employees would be proportionally higher, so they can sustain a high ...
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Would a Job Guarantee impact Cost of Living?

What effect would a job guarantee, a method of achieving full employment often suggested by modern monetary theorists, have on the cost of living? In the case of student loans offered by the ...
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Has income inequality ever been solved in societies in the past in terms of what people make to cost of living? [closed]

One thing I've seen many on here whether life style is increasing or poor's wealth is, income inequality in terms of things like food, water, healthcare keep going up, but wages aren't keeping up. ...
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How will non-rich citizens make a living if jobs keep getting replaced by robots and are outsourced?

Decades ago a factory job could support a wife and kids until retirement and they offered insurance, benefits, etc. Now, no more unions, those jobs as well as tech and customer service jobs are ...
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Why do prices of consumer products seem to rise independent of their supply?

For example, in my country, the price of coconuts steadily rises, despite the fact that we still have plenty of coconuts. The same with vegetables. Is this caused primarily by an increase in the cost ...
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In the US, do high wages in regions like New York and California offset the high cost of living?

It's well understood that the cost of living in New York City vastly exceeds the cost of living in, say, rural Louisiana. It is also well understood that wages in New York City vastly exceed those in ...
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