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Macroeconomics is a branch of economics dealing with the aggregate economy as a whole, rather than individual markets.

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Lifecycle Consumption Models and Dispersion in Consumption

Lifecycle models base on the assumption that households want to maximize their consumption and at the same time insure themselves against income shocks. However, there is a lot of (c.p.) consumption ...
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Unemployment and the Frisch-Elasticity

There is the long debate on the Frisch-Elasticity being the driver of unemployment over the business cycle. One argument against the voluntary-unemployment mechanism of RBC models is that if we ...
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What is the relationship between real growth and stock market [closed]

I am interested in understanding when the stock market can influence real growth and the opposite, when real growth can influence the stock market. In other words, in which way causation is more ...
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Unemployment and the Minimum Wage---what are the main counter-arguments to Card and Krueger?

Card and Krueger's paper (AER 1994, "Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania") uses a difference-in-difference identification strategy to ...
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How does a reduction in consumer spending in favour of consumer saving, affect economic activity?

Let's say our government runs an advertising campaign, encouraging its citizens to reduce spending money on consumer items, and instead save more money. Let's say the campaign is successful, and ...
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Fundamental equations in economics

For the other sciences it´s easy to point to the most important equations that ground the discipline. If I want to explain Economics to a physicist say, what are considered to be the most important ...
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Optimality of Zero Capital Taxation

The Chamley-Judd result of zero optimal capital taxation says that 0 capital taxation are required in order to maximize welfare at the steady state. The result is 30 years old. Still assuming that ...
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How do Gini coefficients correlate with the cost of higher education?

Are there any studies that explore the higher net present value (NPV) of education in countries with higher Gini coefficients? Additionally, do any of these studies include the impacts of economic ...
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How does a national budget differ from a household budget?

We are often told by pundits that "Country X cannot spend more than they take in in revenue, because a house that makes A and spends B will always collapse if B>A". Essentially the siren calls of a ...
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