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Walrasian Equilibrium in A Simple Assignment (Matching) Model

I am reading Acemoglu 1996 and the Walrasian allocation in section II makes me confused. The setting is following. The economy lasts for two periods and consists of two types of agents, firms and ...
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The college admissions problem with externalities

In the classic College Admissions problem, there are $m$ colleges and $n$ students. The colleges have a preference over the students and the students have preferences over the colleges. The students ...
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oTree: How to have unequal groups sizes, with agents ocasionally sitting out rounds

I'm designing an experiment that investigates the result of different groups sizes on the outcomes of Nash Demand games. I already programmed this experiment once in zTree, where we then conducted ...
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Gale-Shapley algorithm with multiple partners for each side

Suppose I have a bipartite graph with males on one side and females on the other. The usually discussed Gale-Shapley algorithm matches each male to a female, and ends up with a stable matching. What ...
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Stable roommates problem: returning a list of ideal matches, even when stable matching doesn't exist

I am trying to find a way to return a list of ideal matches based on preferences. This is similar to the Stable Roommate Problem. I have a list of people, and each person has ranked everyone else from ...
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matching methods from multiple entities

Say I would like to investigate whether a particular product feature affects its sales. We would like to match products based on feature vs non-feature. But the sales also depends on the retailers who ...
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proof verification in George J. Mailath and Andrew Postlewaite (2001b)

I am reading George J. Mailath and Andrew Postlewaite (2001), and this is the lemma 1 in this paper. I don't understand the induction process in this proof. I think that we should use the fact that $...
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Does the concept of division of labor in matching markets work the same way as in regular markets?

According to Alvin Roth, a matching market is one where "you don't simply choose what you want, you have to also be chosen". With this in mind, I would like to pose the question about whether the ...
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Stable Outcomes and Matching Models for the Labor Market

I am reading a paper that discusses mathcing of workers to firms in the labor market (see the excerpt below). Here an outcome $(\mu,\pi,w)$ consists of a matching function pairing workers to firms, a ...
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How is matching theory used in context of Marriage market difference in terms of which is used in context of labour and housing market?

I am looking for an overview as most of the introduction to matching talks about the work done in the Marriage market, Job Matching which is axiomatic. Then while looking at Labour and housing market ...
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