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Short vs. long horizon event studies?

I am studying the impact of announcements by a Central Bank on a stock's returns. To measure these impacts, I employ an event study (where my event window is 10 days and my estimation window is 60 ...
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Forward Induction Procedure

Does a mechanical set of rules or algorithm exist for doing forward induction on a game tree, or is it an "every problem is too unique and requires its own reasoning" type of situation? I ...
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How to combine labor market time series when there is a methodological change that creates a break?

Any suggestions on how to combine time series of labor market variables (such as, for example, labor force participation) when there is a methodological change in the way the variable is calculated by ...
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Converting monthly data to quarterly

I have monthly shock series, which I want to convert to quarterly form. I have seen several methods like taking average of 3 months or summing 3 months for making a quarter. I would like to know how I ...
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Methodology of Estimating Economic Costs?

To be specific, I am currently devising an honours thesis proposal to estimate the effects of a lack of competition in consumer electronic repair markets on variables such as firm profits, consumer ...
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COVID-19 Policy Analysis

Let's assume I have a dataset consisting of fiscal/monetary policy responses and non-pharmaceutical interventions to the COVID-19 crisis in tens of countries. How would I go about analyzing their ...
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Is the mainstream against agent based modelling?

I have heard it said that mainstream economists disapprove of agent based modelling and some of the most prestigious economics journals will not accept papers that employ them. Is this true? And if so,...
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Why is Mises "permitted" to define "Economics is an a priori science", if a priori is not trustworthy?

Why is Mises "permitted" to define "Economics is an a priori science", if a priori is not trustworthy? In philosophy of science and natural sciences a priori as a method of knowing ...
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Which are some proven methods to compare alternative economic theories?

Based on this question about alternative schools of thought, this question about untested economic theories, and the rather unsatisfactory answer (imo) to this question about which is the "most ...
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Taking observed preferences seriously

You often hear economists (proudly) say that they don't take stated preferences seriously, but instead rely on observed preferences. Correct? To me both are problematic if you want to understand ...
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