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Why does immigration boost the economy? (or does it not...?)

I'm a novice at macroeconomics, and trying to understand the effect of immigration (from developing nations) on the economy of a developed nation. Specifically, I am considering the effect when the ...
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Does immigration help to sustain welfare in rich European countries?

There is a lot of discussions about immigration and its effect on economies lately in Europe, so I'd like to ask a question. Is it true that immigration helps to sustain welfare in rich European ...
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Evidence on economic impact of 2015 European refugee/migrant influx

At the time of writing (September 2015), Europe is dealing with a large influx of refugees/migrants. Many are fleeing violence in Syria and elsewhere, others come from Africa and the Middle East in ...
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Why are there so many migrants in the modern world?

I want to ask you if there is an explanation in your science of why there are so many migrants in the modern world? I live in Russia, and after the dissolution of the USSR a lot of people here had ...
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Migration wage differential, Borjas (2013) textbook

Basic calculus question here! I started reading the textbook Borjas, G. J. (2014). Immigration economics. Harvard University Press and am confused already with the first result. Background: He frames ...
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Datasets with pre- and post migration earnings

I am interested in computing the pre- and post-migration earnings of international migrants, especially those migrating from low income to high income countries (or vice versa). The data should allow ...
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Does brain drain really affect a nation's growth trajectory?

Take India as an example. India has been losing most of its bright minds to the west. India also ranks low in development. I would like to get a definitive answer to this cause-effect type question. ...
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Analyzing Farm Bureau's claim that milk prices would double at the retail level if all the illegals were deported

A 2015 article on the Farm Bureau's website states: Half of all workers on U.S. dairy farms are immigrants, and the damage from losing those workers would extend far beyond the farms, nearly ...
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Does working abroad cause less unemployment? Or is it actually harmful (directly or opportunity cost)?

This question is from subjective origins but is (supposed to be) objective. The context of this question arises from people in third world countries going abroad to work. Often they are seen as money-...
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Remittance: Migrant workers sending money to their families

I wonder about the role of migrant workers in a general economic context. Migrant working appears all over the world and on many time and space scales: around cities (e.g. commuters) inside ...
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Does migration exacerbate (albeit delay) the problem of aging, economically-inactive populations in Western societies?

As a layman, I've always understood that there is a general consensus amongst economists that "immigration is economically beneficial" to rich Western countries (like Britain) who have aging ...
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Why don't most of the highly educated people in poorer part of Europe migrate to the Western part?

There are a lot of people working in universities in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and so on with low salaries. Those people have high skills and education. I saw some ...
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White Flight from Asian Immigration: Evidence from California Public Schools - is the methodology robust?

White Flight from Asian Immigration: Evidence from California Public Schools suggests that "as Asian students arrive, white student enrollment declines in ...
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Name of phenomenon where migrant workers receive decent wage but absolutely no chance of getting any government benefits

Not sure if the title reflects the question very accurately but my question is specific to the Gulf countries which have a huge population of migrant workers, like Saudi and UAE. So, let's say Raj is ...
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Reliable US yearly population and netmigration estimates by state from 1970 up to today

I am looking for US data on population and net migration by state and year from 1970 up to recent years (2015, 2016, 2017)? Is there a reliable, clean and integrated/compatible source? For 2010 to ...
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How does migration facilitate specialisation?

When migrant workers arrive in a country, how do they facilitate specialisation? Is it by freeing up workers from jobs they do not want to do?
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Erik Reinert's conclusions and experiments in economics

I have just read Erik Reinert's, "How Rich Countries Got Rich… and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor". Can anybody advise me some further reading on this topic? I wonder, in particular, if there were ...
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Brücker et al. (2014) migrant labour supply shock

Brücker et al. (2014) write down a stylized model of wage-setting with a labour supply shock (migration), which I find hard to follow. Maybe somebody worked on it or is interested.. Labour force is ...
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Is there a pull of skilled workforce from rural to urban areas?

Is there a pull of skilled workforce from rural to urban areas, i.e. is this scientifically described? Especially in the European Union.
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IV - Is this correct?

I have the following question. Currently I have an econometric model that uses an instrumental variable, particularly a Bartik instrument (which some people call shift-share). I'm proceding as Mayda ...
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