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This tag is for questions relating to the book "Microeconomic Theory" by Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael Whinston, Jerry Green

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Parsing problem 1.D.5 in MWG

I am a little confused about the statement of 1.D.5 in MWG, which I will reproduce here for convenience. I have "solved" the problem, I just don't understand something particular. $\textbf{(...
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Question about MWG 17.D.1

I tried to solve by myself the exercises of MWG(Mas Colell). However, I think the exercise has an error at 17.D.1. The 17.D.1 asks us that "verify that there are multiple equilibria". However, The ...
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Best companion for Mas-Colell Microeconomic Theory textbook

What are the best sources to accompany MasColell Microeconomic Theory textbook in 1st year of MA in economics? I mean any sources - textbooks, videos, websites, book companions, etc. And I mean easy ...
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Does quasilinear preference contain rationality, monotonicity or other assumptions?

I have a question when I'm doing exercise 3.C.5(b) of MWG. The exercise asks to prove that a continuous preference on $(-\infty,\infty)\times R^{L-1}_+$ is quasilinear with respect to the first ...
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If a mixed strategy is strictly dominated, then there is a strictly dominated pure strategy in its support?

I am looking at the proof of NE survives the iterated removal of strictly dominated strategies (MWG, ex 8.D.2) and in the solution manual, authors say something like if a mixed strategy is strictly ...
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What are the mathematical prerequisites to understand Whinston and Green's "Microeconomic Thoery"?

I've completed my under graduation in economics where I used micro books like Nicholson and Snyder's Microeconomic Theory and Hal Varian's Intermediate Microeconomics. I am comfortable with topics ...
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