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2 answers

How do banks trust each other especially in cross-border situations?

Maybe my question is far too trivial for this community. But let's see. I don't have an economic background. I wonder how banks trust each other when money gets transferred from one bank to another ...
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ECB bond buying from national banks, what are the national banks expected to do?

The European Central Bank announced plans to buy government bonds from national banks. Quantitative Easing, 60 billion euros a month. Although ultimately I am trying to make a decision on what this ...
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0 answers

Estimating probability of Central Bank's interest rate changes

Recently, I came across this article, which offers a simple model for estimating the probabilities of interest rate cut/hike from a central bank. This is done by using market data, especially normal ...
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1 answer

Bank of Canada operating band

I read the following quote about the Bank of Canada's "operating band" for inducing target overnight loan rates: ...
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2 answers

Do reserves at Bank of Canada count as money?

I read the following three statements concerning M1 and M2 in Canada: a) "M1 consists of currency held outside the banks and chequable deposits of individuals and businesses." b) "M1 does not ...
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How do people check or trust that central bank is not cheating? [closed]

How people can be sure that somebody, cooperating with central bank (or working in it), is not creating money in digital or paper form for themself, so that nobody else notices it?
3 votes
3 answers

What is the effect of Quantitative Easing on the US budget deficit?

Is the deficit getting larger because of QE?
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1 answer

Are there countries with free banking?

Are there any countries in which banks do not need to follow any special regulation other than the regular business regulations. If not, are there any countries that come close? For more information ...
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1 answer

Federal Reserve vs National Bank [closed]

The US had a national bank during the first few decades after its birth before it was abolished. Today, we have the Federal Reserve. What are the differences between the Federal Reserve and a ...