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Book about monetary union?

do you know any book/manual dealing specifically with monetary unions ? I know economics of monetary union of De Grauwe, but I'm looking for other references. Thank you
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Was the gold standard a monetary union?

In the previous question here, one comment said: "Currency unions to work properly need either perfect mobility of all factors of production (i.e. free migration/capital flows etc) or fiscal ...
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Famous recent paper on monetary Unions

do you know any (theoretical or empirical) recent famous paper about monetary unions ? I heard that topics like "monetary unions at ZLB" or "fiscal coordination during crisis time" ...
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Why 1000 Rs and 500 Rs not accepted in Bhutan and Nepal? [closed]

In Nepal and Bhutan, Indian rupee is accepted but 500 Rs. And 1000 Rs note is not accepted. Cam there be any specific reason behind this?
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What would happen if the world switched to a single currency?

What would happen if all countries suddenly stopped using local currencies and adopted a global currency (like the Euro, but for everyone)?
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