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Is there any way retirement systems can cope with declining population?

Data show that population in developed countries will start declining by end of this century. Because this is due to low birth rates and aging this will lead to very large imbalance between ...
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Are higher income people subsidized by the contributions of low income people in pay-as-you-go pension systems

In some countries the main financing of the state pension system is pay-as-you-go. It is my understanding that in these systems the money you pay to the government while you work is not stored in ...
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Reference books that treat retirement savings/pension systems

I'm looking for references (preferably, although not limited to, books) that treat the topic of pension/retirement savings systems academically, in particular I'm interested in getting introduced to ...
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Parameter in calibration are not sufficient for pruposed Model. Where is the lacking data coming from?

The paper „social security reforms, capital accumulation and welfare: A notional defined contribution system vs a modified payg system“ by Lin, li Presents a model for analyzing the impact of ...
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