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Book reference for graphs explaining ad valorem and specific taxes

Does anyone know any book in which I can read and see graphs about the ad valorem or specific tax in monopolies or perfect competition? I need a graph like this with the explanation but i can't find ...
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How is it possible to have perfect balance of supply and demand?

How is it possible to have perfect balance of supply and demand? That is, e.g. the right amount of workforce compared to the amount of work. Background (as asked by Giskard in the comments): It's ...
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Competitive markets, taxation and international trade

Suppose that in a competitive market, the supply function is given by $S(p) = 5000(p-2)$ and the demand function is given by $D(p) = 2000(16-p)$. Suppose still, that in order to recompose its' budget ...
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How does Perfectly Competitive Output Level Compare to Cournot Output Level

So Let there be two firms with Output Level x1 and x2 .Inverse Demand Function $P=a-bX $ where $ X=x1+x2 $.Both firms have same MC denoted by $c$. Is the Perfectly Competitive O/t > Cournot O/t ...
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Long run equilibrium price under perfect competition

I have a problem related to Ricardian rent. I have one firm, let's call it X firm, and all of the other firms in the market. All firms have to pay some transportation costs due to their land except ...
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