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What is the observable definition of "preference" by Frisch?

To make things weird, although Frisch was fully aware of the importance of random distribution in economics relations, he never mention the randomness in binary preference relations! How to define ...
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Zero-sum games being converted into positive-sum games

It seems as if "pure, naked self-interest", that is, self-interest without liberty, results often in a zero-sum game. (I'm using the term liberty in a Lockean sense, where it is taken to mean the ...
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What are the arguments for and against the supremacy of the current self?

In this video, the professor attempts to explain how the course's motivation of temporal discounting makes (what strikes me as) a pretty extravagant assumption. Now, if you think about your future ...
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Weather forecasting vs. macroeconomic forecasting

It is common to say that the behavior of a national economy is complicated because it involves millions of individuals ($10^8$) each of whom makes thousands of relevant economic decisions a year ($10^...
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