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What does it mean by Portugal having a negative inflation?

Portugal is experiencing a negative inflation rate for 2020. This means that the prices of basket-of-goods are decreasing this year. My first question is: is it a good sign for Portugal's economy? ...
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Why are Portuguese migrating out of Portugal?

Where the world's population is growing and shrinking Apart from a low fertility rate, why is the Portuguese population declining?
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Why did the Greek bailouts "fail" whereas the Portuguese bailouts succeeded?

While Greece has required several bail-outs and is on the brink of falling back into recession, the Portuguese economy has seemingly recovered. Why has recovery gone so well in Portugal but failed ...
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How did Portugal draw down their interest rates on pubic debt?

I notice that Portugal had a very high interest rate on its national bond issues back in 2012 but since then it has drawn down significantly: How were they able to decrease the interest rate?
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