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Purchasing power parity and cointegrating vectors

I am testing for the existence of purchasing power parity (PPP) relationships using cointegration tests, among others, and I am a bit tempted to test whether or not my cointegrating vectors are equal ...
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Relative Importance Weights of USA CPI items

So for example in this release Table 2. Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U): U. S. city average, by detailed expenditure category, the Relative importance weights are stated. Now I ...
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How to rebase quarterly price index?

For rebasing annual price index, we divide all price indices by the value of the new base year. With quarterly price indices, there is not a single base year with the value 1.00. In the base year, ...
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Difficulty Understanding CPI (Consumer Price Index)

Here's a question about CPI in my microeconomics text (Pindyck), which I don't seem to understand: The price of computers has fallen substantially over the past two decades. Use this drop in price ...
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Can the CPIH be used to find the real terms rise in price of a component of the basket of goods?

I want to calculate the real terms rise in UK private rent prices since 2011 using the CPIH measure. The indexes of nominal rent prices and the CPIH rose by 14.7% and 13.5% respectively, so I can say ...
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Distributing inflation in a hierarchical model

I am trying to distribute inflation in a hierarchical model. In both of the following two scenarios, the Laspeyres' Index over the entire data set is 1.8; However, in the first scenario, the ...
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Daily and annual returns

I got a task but i'm not even sure to understand what is the goal ; I have a serie of 503 daily returns (= 2 trading years) for a stock index, and I have to calculate the annual returns. I dont know ...
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"Truck Transportation of Freight" would include tanker trucks that transport NGLs, correct? I'm looking at the Producer Price Index of transport

The producer price index I am referring to: enter image description here There are other categories as well, but I'm concerned specifically with "Truck Transportation of Freight": enter ...
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Do stock indexes (S&P 500, DJ, ...) directly depend on inflation?

I can't understand what stock indexes really are. What they are representing? As far as I know, they represent relative change (in points) in the prices of shares of a given set of companies. Is that ...
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Mathematical question in macroeconomic task

I am currently working on a project where I want to explore how changes in a couple of currencies affects the income for my countrys exported fish. My country (Norway) sells it fish in 4 different ...
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What are indices in Economics?

Really, what are indexes in Economics? And bilateral and multilateral indexes? Take the Malmquist Index: it is a bilateral index, even though it uses four numbers: $Q_1$, $Q_2$, $Q_3$ and $Q_4$? And ...
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Comparing PPI weights for USA and GER

I am trying to explain why the size of producer price changes for Germany is significantly smaller than for the USA. For this purpose I wanted to look into the calculation method for both Producer ...
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