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Examples of Analysis of Competition in a Latent Product Characteristic Space

Competition between firms offering heterogenous products is often an exercise of constructing the right kind of spatial model. There is the famous Hotelling model and many other papers that model ...
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What are some ways to add quality to the supply-demand model?

Please excuse me, I hardly know anything about economics yet. When the quality of a product changes, the demand curve moves. But what if there are different versions of a product, of varying ...
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Consumer Welfare vertical differentiation [SOLVED]

Suppose consumers have the standard Tirole's utility $U_A = \theta q + \alpha X_A - P$ if they buy product A and $U_0 = 0$ if they don't buy this product (where $X_A$ is the actual demand of product A)...
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Term for perishable goods that are non-divisible with a set redemption date (concert tickets vs. Milk)

What is the terminology to distinguish goods like milk and concert tickets. Both are perishable. If we were to say milk expired on the last day of the month, and a concert will occur on the last day ...
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Excessive entry without fixed costs

Mankiw & Whinston (1986) show that the market may contain too many firms. The intuition is that if a firm charges a suboptimal high price, a rival has a demand curve that is "too high" and can ...
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