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Adjusting categorical household income variable for interaction effects

For a research project (RCT) I am working on, I'm trying to identifying how different demographic groups differed in their performance on certain indices over time (like finance, health etc - measured ...
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In RCT settings, are randomization inference p-values always greater than OLS p-values?

I was wondering if there's a proven/known relationship between RI p-values and OLS p-values in RCT settings, where treatment is completely random. Alwyn Young's paper1 shows many examples of OLS p-...
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Can I draw a smaller sample from one treatment group?

in an RCT, I have 3 different treatment groups and one control group. The size of the control group is around 1000 while the size of other groups are just above 300. To test balance I used ANOVA and ...
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Calculate power for multiple rounds of public goods experiment

I would like to calculate/simulate the a-priori necessary sample size for a repeated public goods experiment. $N$ Participants play $R$ rounds of a public goods game (linear, voluntary contribution ...
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RCT power for optimal design

I have a question regarding Optimal Design software. Particularly, let's suppose I have an intervention that assigns police patrols to different street segments, and that these segments are randomized ...
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Minimum Sample Size For Clustered Data Randomized Experiment

I need help determining the minimum sample size for a randomized controlled experiment. The treatment (1 Factor, 3 Levels) will be administered to different households clustered within 5 routes. ...
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