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Interesting example of general equilibrium effects contradicting RCT results

One of the concerns that one can have regarding the use of RCTs for evaluating policies is that while when done in small scales, the RCTs may show the result in one direction, scaling the policies may ...
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Adjusting categorical household income variable for interaction effects

For a research project (RCT) I am working on, I'm trying to identifying how different demographic groups differed in their performance on certain indices over time (like finance, health etc - measured ...
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Calculate power for multiple rounds of public goods experiment

I would like to calculate/simulate the a-priori necessary sample size for a repeated public goods experiment. $N$ Participants play $R$ rounds of a public goods game (linear, voluntary contribution ...
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Knitting empirical results in development economics together

Development Economics, to my knowledge, has become a mostly empirical field, with RCTs and other quasi-experimental techniques yielding a huge body of empirical knowledge about specific policies and ...
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RCT power for optimal design

I have a question regarding Optimal Design software. Particularly, let's suppose I have an intervention that assigns police patrols to different street segments, and that these segments are randomized ...
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Minimum Sample Size For Clustered Data Randomized Experiment

I need help determining the minimum sample size for a randomized controlled experiment. The treatment (1 Factor, 3 Levels) will be administered to different households clustered within 5 routes. ...
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Can I draw a smaller sample from one treatment group?

in an RCT, I have 3 different treatment groups and one control group. The size of the control group is around 1000 while the size of other groups are just above 300. To test balance I used ANOVA and ...
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