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Utility functions and positive monotone transformations

We let $g(z)$ be a strictly monotonous function so: $$\frac{dg(z)}{dz}>0$$ Consumer 1 has preferences given by the utility function $u(x_1,x_2)=ln(x_1)+2ln(x_2)$, while consumer 2 has preferences ...
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Ranking Sectors Based on "Inclusiveness", greater variance among sectors with less firms

I am trying to rank sectors in Serbia based on how "inclusive" they are in their development, i.e. I have some indicators such as "share of profitable firms within sector", "share of exporting firms ...
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Post-redistribution Lorenz curve comparison with reranking in R

Using R, assume the population income for N= {1.. 7} looks like $X_1$= c(1,3,5,7,7,19,21). Use the Lc() function from the "ineq" package to plot the corresponding Lorenz curve $L_{X_1}(p_1)$. Next, ...
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Empirical ranking of firms based on productivity

I want to rank firms based on a metric, let's call it productivity. Theoretically, this firm productivity measure may be well defined. Empirically, however, data that account for all dimensions of ...
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