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Questions tagged [resource-economics]

Natural resource economics deals with the supply, demand, and allocation of natural resources.

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3 answers

Can the stock market show indefinite exponential growth?

In a comments on a question on money.SE, the following dialog took place: Eventually there will not be enough matter to represent all the money, so we know for certain that the answer is "No" for a ...
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Is the use/consumption of natural resources considered an externality per se?

On a finite planet natural resources are rival goods by definition, i.e. if one agent uses/consumes a natural resource it becomes unavailable for other agents. Mankiw defines an externality as "the ...
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16 votes
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Is Malthusian theory of population growth being realized?

You probably are familiar with Malthus' Theory of Population Growth. If you are not, Malthusian model has the following mathematically form: $$P(t) = P_0e^{rt}$$ A basic graphic representation is: ...
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What is the impact of fracking on oil prices?

I read an article about the recent fall of gas prices in the US claiming that the fall in gas prices was due to the expansion of fracking within the US. The article said that, over the past few ...
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7 votes
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How successful will OPEC's predatory dumping strategy be?

Since the fracking industry in the US has started to grow rapidly, I have heard increasing reports that OPEC is attempting some form of predatory dumping in the hopes of making the fracking industry ...
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What is the relationship between the disciplines of Economics and Economic Geography?

Given the importance of natural resources in both Economic Geography and Ecological Economics I also wondered what the relationship was between these two in particular.
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