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How to correct selection bias in an econometric analysis?

We know that selection bias occurs when the treatment and control groups are not comparable, leading to differences in the outcome that are not solely due to the treatment. How does one address the ...
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Why did Heckman sample selection models fall out of fashion?

Nowadays most people run wage regressions conditional on being employed rather than using Heckman selection models. So what are its drawbacks and why did this approach fall out of fashion?
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Dataset where a group is offered a privilege?

I am trying to find a dataset where a population is put through a selection process, after the selection process a treatment is applied, and we know the covariates of the whole population, but perhaps ...
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Regression Optimization problem under constraints

To estimate a simple linear regression: $$ y = \beta_0 + \beta_1 x + \epsilon $$ I have the assumptions that a researcher $A$ can only sample individuals with a value $y < y^A$. Similarly, a ...
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Identification strategy for measuring impact of employee turnover on project quality

I am seeking help with identification strategy for figuring out causal direction in the following context: There is a company where project managers (PM) rotate every 3-7 years across the country/...
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How to know when survivorship bias is a problem

I have panel data where firms disappear from failure and mergers. Conditional on existing as a stand alone firm, I observe all firms. However, I am differencing two periods (Late - Early), and the ...
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When is self-selection a problem? Mincer equation

I need help understanding this selection bias problem. I am estimating a mincer equation for a final year project and I was told I need to worry about self-selection bias IN OCCUPATIONS. My lecturer ...
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Selection bias - Will multiple regressions solve the problem?

Now I have a data from an African country concerning (i) levels of corruption across public sectors and (ii) perceptions of service quality from households (bad, medium and high). The data consist two ...
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Self-selection bias during the course of experiments

Suppose you are running a randomized experiment to assess the effect of $X$, say some training program for unemployed people, on $Y$, say the chance of finding a job in the coming year. Suppose also ...
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