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Can a financial institution's headquarters location misrepresent service sector GDP in other regions?

In calculating GDP using the output approach, can a financial institution's headquarters location misrepresent the service sector's contribution to GDP in other regions? For example, imagine a ...
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Net effect of govt spending and tax cuts

Let's say a government comes out with a new budget. This budget decreases income taxes in a more or less neutral way (neither progressive or regressive). However they also decrease government spending ...
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Are all services provided by the financial sector of same utility in the end and reasonable priced?

I've just found a random single statement about the overall money going into financial services: With global GDP expected to reach $93 trillion in the same year, that would mean that financial ...
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Why are final services sold internally (to residents) accounted for in a country’s GDP?

My understanding is that many pure services result in no direct creation of global wealth, but only in a transfer of wealth. Here I mean wealth in an economics sense as the sum of goods and ...
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Comparing manufacturing and services sectors with respect to the scope for division of labor

In the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith compares agriculture and manufacturing and concludes that due to the reduced scope for specialization in the former as compared to the latter, those economies that ...
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What types services count as intermediary consumption when calculating GDP?

What types of services count as intermediary consumption when calculating GDP? I'm not quite sure where the line is drawn. The examples below try to illustrate my confusion. Say a supermarket provider ...
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How is trade in services conducted under the WTO in the absence of the Doha conclusion?

The Doha round of negotiations for the WTO had a focus on services, but that round has not been concluded. Does that mean that trade in services between trading partners without a preferential trade ...
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How can the number of hairdressers in the UK be up 50% since 2010?

In this recent article, The Economist argues that one of the reasons behind the anaemic recent wage growth in Britain is that the recent job growth has been concentrated in lower-productivity jobs and ...
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How are robocallers able to make international calls profitable? [closed]

I have read that robocallers are untraceable because they are usually companies in India or the Phillipines. I don't understand how this is possible. If I call India or the Phillipines, it is very ...
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How can protectionist policies keep wages low?

A German economist who also worked at the ECB notes that: Germany’s bilateral trade surplus with the US has barely changed, despite substantial swings in the euro-dollar exchange rate – which was as ...
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